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Agron RemediesAgron Remedies is one of the most popular Veterinary PCD Franchise Company situated in Kashipur, Uttrakhand, India. We, Agron Remedies have established ourselves almost half a decade back as the renowned manufacturers, traders and suppliers providing a wide range of Pharmaceutical products like Tablets, Eye Drops, Ear Drops, Capsule, Syrup, Dry Syrup, Injection, Protein Powder and Liquid Suspensions Nova Indus is our step, taken in the direction of bringing betterment for the mankind. Better-attribute medicines with affordable prices for the eradication of suffering, pain & illness from the world, which ultimately helps in flourishing the ” Agron Remedies “. Organization publicizes the essence of human existence and the spirit of our unity in diversity. We proclaim the essence of human existence and the spirit of our unity in diversity. Agron Remedies represents the confluence of the human health with the technological advancement & symbolizes the human endeavor to excel.

Agron Remedies Vision :

To establish ourselves as the foremost Pharma Franchisee company all over India. Latest technological innovation & excellence for the benefit of humanity & to enhance the quality of health of every person.

Our Mission :

To uphold our social responsibilities of contributing meaningful and fruitful healthcare services to the society by demonstrating our commitment to providing quality products of WHO-GMP standards.

Our Values :

Quality is our unconditional priority. We respect the potential of people through involvement and participation. Quality is a foundation on which the company has built its reputation. Therewith, that all the steps involved in the design, development, and manufacture of a product lead to the intended level of quality performance in the market.

Agron Remedies quality provide ensure that the facility is geared up to provide the perfect environment, our personnel are trained and quality conscious. Our packaging provides the security and cosmetic appeal on our products provided after complete surveys for the best response of customer satisfaction. Quality and innovation are the hallmarks of Agron Remedies and it will be our endeavor to become the most preferred company for pharmaceutical formulations. We are determined to serve the unmet medical needs of the society through the medium of high-quality pharmaceuticals.

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